Back to our roots

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We both were in Amsterdam for the Holidays. It felt so nice to be back home with all our friends and family. We grew up in Amsterdam, which is truly the best city to grow up as a child. Did you know that Dutch kids are the happiest in the world according to a report released by Unicef? Well, we totally agree on that.

If you happen to go to Amsterdam we recommend the Noordermarkt on Saturdays. All the locals come here to shop groceries but also cool vintage clothing and stuff. You will find real treasures here for an affordable price. We have a weakness for vintage so we spend hours on this market looking for new gems. And oh yeah we succeeded. Vita’s two best purchases were the super comfy shearling coat and the leather biker boots handmade in Mexico. Elise didn’t allow herself this time to buy anything, because she bought these amazing leather pants. Not only for herself but also for her little baby tiger Vita.

The pictures are made by Victor Kruit Photography.

X Elise and Vita

ELISE IS WEARING: Coat Good Genes // Sneakers Nike // Hat Topshop // Shirt Ralph Lauren // Pants Kate Spade // Bag Chanel

VITA IS WEARING: Coat Vintage // Boots Vintage // Shirt Ralph Lauren // Pants Kate Spade

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