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The definition of a badass: *Awesome to an extreme level, thereby leveraging unquestionable authority.
Unspoken Rules of Being Badass:
1. First rule of being a badass. A badass does not talk about being a badass. Period.2. Second rule of being a badass, a badass does not try to be a badass or look tough. A badass simply is a badass.3. A badass stays true to themselves, always. This means being themselves for themselves, and not being fake to impress others.

4. A badass does not give up. Badasses will always push themselves for the better, no matter how hard it gets.

5. A badass is not a jerk. A badass does not prey on the weak, and shows kindness in return to those who are kind.


Elise & Vita
Elise is wearing: Badass top // Coat H&M // Sunnies Zerouv // Jeans Cheap Monday // Shoes Asos
Vita is wearing: Top Blake Seven // Jeans rag & bone // Shoes Zara // Jacket vintage
*Badass definition by Urban Dictionary