Barbour Babes

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Barbour is known for its classic country style clothing. Their designs are timeless and good quality is definitely one of their priorities. They’ve been around for quite some years since it all started to fulfill the needs of hardworking fishermen in 19th century coastal England.

With their waxed cotton jackets and dark tinted colors, the brand represents the image of the very keen country sportsman. Lucky for us, they have womens too! We love Barbour’s ‘outdoorsy’ style, but wanted to make a look that is easy to wear in the city. Vita gave herself a cool look with the waxed Barbour International jacket and a motorcycle-inspired sweater. Together with the hat and scarf, Vita is winter ready!

Elise gave herself more of a classy look. She’s wearing a beautiful cashmere trenchcoat that keeps her warm AND feminine. (That can be a tough task during a cold winter). She combined it with a cute hat and some striking red gloves. You know you love it!

X Elise & Vita