Beauty from the inside out

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We often get the question ‘What is your beauty ritual?’ It’s time to reveal some secrets! Woop woop! We do a lot of things to keep our skin healthy and glowing. One of our secrets is Beauty & Go, a range of beauty drinks that have a positive effect on your body and skin. They contain macro-antioxidant which is amazing for your skin.

They have four different beauty drinks: Anti-Aging, Radiance, Detox and Vitality. The last one is our favorite because it just tastes really good and you feel less tired after drinking the cute yellow bottle (perfect for an energy boost after a long day)! Did we mention that they are all low calorie and no sugar added? That’s exactly how we like it!

Three benefits we like:

  • Minimizes the negative effect on skin of free radicals, the primary cause of aging.
  • Protects skin against internal and external attack, keeping it healthy, smooth and radiant for longer.
  • Provides firmness and elasticity

If you really want to see the effect we highly recommend taking them everyday for at least 2 weeks. Let us know how your experience with BeautyandGo was!

Elise & Vita