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I just came back from my trip to Los Angeles and I loved it so much. The beautiful houses with their green gardens, the long beaches of Malibu and Venice and the sunny weather.. Can you imagine living in a city where you have sunshine everyday? Well, I certainly can.. šŸ™‚
My boyfriend Steve and I started each morning with a hike in Hollywood Hills (Runyon Canyon). It is a tough walk, but when you finally reach the top, the view is a true reward. There was so much to see; dog walkers with 8(!) dogs running around, girls that looked like they were about to go clubbing, but what I liked best were the grandpa’s with impressive six packs running up hill!
Our breakfast was everyday the same; a giant bottle of vegetables and fruit. Now we could start our day, filled with meetings. My favorite meeting was at Vans HQ; very entertaining to see everyone coming in the office on their skateboards. Laid back people on their flip-flops or Vans sneakers. So different from New York.
In the weekend we went to Malibu Beach and Venice, I really loved the vibe over there. It felt like a holiday, I envy the people who live there.. Well maybe some day I’ll live there too!

X Elise

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