Vita is wearing: jacket, sweatpants, sneakers. Click on items to shop!


Elise is wearing: top, sweatpants, sneakers.

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We went on an amazing trip with River Island to London and Bestival together to promote their new collection: RI x Ashish. We had so much fun with the River Island crew and the other influencers. Dancing all day long!

Below you’ll find a quick interview about the new collection. And scroll down for waaaaay more cool pics!

1.What do you love about the RI x Ashish Collection?

We love the effortless cool vibe that comes with this collection. It is super comfy, yet very stylish. Never wore sweatpants to a festival before but totally feeling this one!

2. Which is your favorite piece from the collection and why?

The sweatpants because the fit is really good, it’s super soft and you look ultimately cool no matter what situation you where it.

3. Describe the collection in 3 words.

Funky, effortless and comfy.

4. What’s your favourite style quote?

“Fashion is a trend, style lives within a person” Oscar de La Renta

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Elise is wearing this freaking cool suit: Jacket, Pants, Shirt (vintage), Vans. Click on items to shop!

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Vita is wearing: jacket, top, shorts. Click on items to shop!

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