Made in Amsterdam

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I spend the last couple of months in Amsterdam with my friends and family. It was really good to be home again, but I also felt a bit lost to be honest. I was waiting for my Visa and it took longer then I thought. I really wanted to start with all our new projects in New York, but I had to be patient and just sit and wait for it.
Meanwhile I did some cool stuff in Amsterdam. The photo shoot with Victor Kruit was so much fun. Working with Victor is truly amazing because he is super easy going and has a good sense of humor. Last but not least; he is a good photographer, the real thing! It was a beautiful day; we had the perfect light as you can see it yourself. We went to the Jordaan area, where I lived for years actually. In the Jordaan you will find the pretty canals, cute vintage stores and cosy lunch rooms. One of my favorite things in Amsterdam is riding the bicycle on the canals on a Saturday morning, while listening to some good music. It makes you feel free and that the world is yours.


X Elise

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Coat: Vintage// Cashmere dress: Club Monaco // Knee high socks: Asos // Bag: vintage Chanel // Bracelet: Tiklari // Sunglasses: Sunboo