OCD – Obsessive Coffee Disorder

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My favorite coffee in the morning is the one when no one talks to me when I drink it. Starting the day peaceful and enjoying the silence is a truly a must when you live in a hectic city like New York. I have to admit that I am a huge coffee addict, only in the morning though. The best thing about waking up is knowing you have another cup of coffee to enjoy. Oh man, coffee makes me happy. I need to have at least three cappuccino’s to wake up and start my day. I guess life begins after coffee. On Instagram I often post my ‘coffee moments’, I hope you like them!


‘This morning, with her, having coffee’ – Johnny Cash when asked for his description of paradise.

‘Coffee, vacation in a cup’

‘Coffee doesn’t ask silly questions, coffee understands’

‘You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy coffee and that’s pretty close’


Oh and did you know that Harpers Bazaar wrote an article about coffee and reposted my photo?


X Elise

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