The Butcher’s Daughter (vegan, salads, juices heaven)



The Butcher’s Daughter is one of the most popular lunch spots of Nolita. We really love the name and the decor of this place. When we heard about this spot we were expecting lots of meat products. However it is the exact opposite, it’s a ‘vegetable slaughterhouse’.

Everything looks sunny and bright and begs to be Instagrammed and loved. Little planters all over the place. Heavy use of wood, concrete, and iron.  Fruits and vegetables, not carcasses hang from meat hooks. The water is minted and the servers are happy. Such an adorable atmosphere.

If you are searching for a restaurant that brings you gluten free, organic, vegan, juice cleanse and more of that vegan stuff, you are in luck! The Butcher’s Daughter is your mecca…especially if you do not care about spending $9 for juice. Cold pressed juices and wheatgrass also ready to take away.


X Elise & Vita

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