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Hell yeah, summer in Amsterdam is in full swing!

Glad to be back in our hometown Amsterdam and hang out with our friends and family. It’s bloody hot out here so we try to escape to the beach as much as possible.
Dutchies always complain about their ugly beaches, but we disagree. Last week we went to Zandvoort (most popular beach of Holland) and we found a real gem to hang out.

Recently opened George No.5 has it all; a St. Tropez styled beach club with luxury lounge beds and an all white terrace. This place is especially popular with trendy sun-worshippers, who like a bit of luxury. Guess this is the ultimate place to soak up the sun and go home with a healthy tan.

We had such a lovely afternoon with a delicious lunch at the beach while watching some hot kitesurfers catching waves. Yum. If you want a real summertime treat, go to George No.5 and sip your aperitif while watching the sun go down.

Wait! Stop! Did we mention it has a swimming pool? What are you waiting for? Sunglasses on – let’s go!

X Elise & Vita

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