Release your inner badass – Jogha

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Remember our ‘Behind the Scenes of Jogha‘ post a couple of weeks ago? Well, we can finally share the result with you and we are super duper happy with the outcome of this special project. We had such a blast shooting with the Jogha team and are really glad we teamed up with these girls. As you can see we did the shoot in the middle of the streets of SoHo in New York, running and dancing like crazy (almost naked) in freezing autumn weather. Guess this is what models are going through.

Let us tell you more about Jogha. As you might know, Vita is a dancer and wears sportswear very often, so this collab was a perfect match.  Usually it’s pretty hard to find clothing that looks cool AND give your body a better shape. Yes, you heard that right. Their thighs are designed in a way that your legs look like supermodel-legs and the bras have a sexy push-up. We are totally in love with the different prints, it’s hard to pick one.

The pre-sale started last Monday, so what are you waiting for girls? Hurry up and take a look at Jogha, because this sportswear brand is badass!

X, Elise & Vita

Photography: Victor Kruit

Other blogger: Bo from Seas of bees