SMOOTHIE HEAVEN (5x best juice bars)


As it is bloody hot outside, our cravings for fruity smoothies and green juices kicks in. On every corner in Manhattan you can find a stylish juice bar serving up raw and organic juices. Truly smoothie heaven. We have to admit, juicing is one of the best inventions ever. These liquid meals are delicious and healthy. Easy does it. ‘A smoothie a day keeps the doctor away!’

Our choices for the city’s best juice bars:

Juice Press – Everywhere: The staff is super friendly, doing everything to make you feel good. You can even describe your symptoms to the staff – tired, poor skin, stomach ache, no energy, cold – they make a special smoothie to cure you. How amazing is that? If you feel sick, you just go to Juice Press instead of seeing a doctor.

Creative Juice Co. (Equinox) – Everywhere: Drink your way to better health starts at Creative Juice Co. Starting only one year ago, they already have eleven locations in the city. Their mission is to create a balance between wanting what’s good for you and craving what’s delicious. Mission accomplished.

The Butcher’s Daughter – Nolita: So much more than a juice bar. This vegetarian cafe serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and almost everything is vegan. After a night of partying we order ‘Hangover Killer’ and hang out on their lovely sidewalk terrace.

Miss Lily’s – Soho: Only coolness over here. Melvin Mayor is New York’s first celebrity juicer according to The New York Times. The place to be if you want to join a detox program. Replace all your meals for Melvin’s cleansing juices – 48 dollars a day. They offer different detox programs that lead to weight loss, clearer skin and higher energy level.

Juice Generation – Everywhere: Since 1999, probably one of the first juice bars in New York City. Everything is 100% organic, they offer a great selection of nutritious interesting juices. Their green smoothies will rock your body.

X Elise & Vita

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