How was your weekend?
We danced, sang, jumped, rolled and partied like it was 1999! Of course with those kind of weekends, there are consequences.. Yes we’re talking about hangovers. Ugh. Luckily this time wasn’t so bad, because we had our Onepiece to snuggle into. These are, hands down, the most comfortable suits ever plus they look super cool and they come in different fittings and colors. Really, if you ever try one yourself you don’t want to take them off anymore. They are so soft and comfy, perfect if you want to stay inside and watch movies all day long like we did on Sunday.
We find these Onepiece the ultimate chill outfit, think of wearing them after a nice long day at the beach, after a boat trip during sunset or just at home chilling on the couch. You will love it!

We have good news if you also like to buy one. We have a 15% discount code for you to use on their site. Code: BLONDETIGERSONEPIECE

Vita is wearing this one and Elise is wearing this one.

X Elise & Vita

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