Tea time in Soho Grand Hotel


Oh, how I love a nice hot-afternoon-tea after wandering around in the city all day. Don’t you? Well, the lounge of the Soho Grand Hotel is your spot! A total industrial gorgeous and artistic space with plenty of cosy couches where you can totally relax. They call it not for nothing the ‘Soho’s Living Room’.

The great cocktails, cappucino’s, tea’s and snacks keep you full and prepped. The ultimate place to soothe you after dealing with traffic and people all day, because let’s be honest, New York City is quite intense and you need your space sometimes. After you’re being brought back to life, you can start the party in the Club Room on the same floor and dance the night away among the young elite of NYC.

For all this action you need a suitable look that you can wear during the day and night. The fluffy jacket i’m wearing is perfect to stay warm and snuggle up in those couches, but when I make the move to go to the club room, i’ll take the jacket off and rock this cute shirt dress from Mango. Still a bit casual, but with some killer heels i’m ready for the night. Come party!

X Vita

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I am wearing: Jacket Topshop / Shirt Dress Mango / Heels Asos / Bracelet Susan Hanover / Necklace Mimi et Toi