The best way to start the summer season in New York is taking a trip to the Hamptons. Summer season runs from Memorial Day until Labour Day. The Hamptons are known for the ultimate city escape during those hot humid summer days. I stayed in East Hampton this time and I felt like I was part of a Diane Keaton movie. Wealthy Americans wearing white trousers, cashmere sweaters and straw hats. Enormous estates, beautiful gardens and top of the range automobiles.

I rather hang out in Montauk where the crowd is younger and the atmosphere more relaxed. Montauk is a surf town where all the cool kids hang out. Relaxing on the beach was my main activity during this weekend followed by amazing dinners. Fish restaurant Swallow East blew my mind. If you go there, make sure you try the mussels!

Our little roadtrip ended up in this cute old town called Sag Harbor. If I have to describe this town, I would say it’s a combination of East Hampton and Montauk. Definitely laidback, but also chique white wooden houses and beautiful sail boats.
Can’t wait to go back and spend my summer in The Hamptons. ‘Enjoy It Because It’s Happening.’

X Vita

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